Sustaining Growth

AESC Global Conference - London

November 15, 2022
The new Sustainable Economy is being created. Who will be its game changers?
November 15, 2022
08:30 to 17:00

The economy of the near future will support both growth and sustainability. Leaders and leadership advisors must come together in partnership to ensure talent, culture and strategy are aligned for innovative value creation. All while achieving stakeholder commitments.

The new sustainable economy is creating an increase in demand for talent and causing businesses to reframe their strategies. Join us and learn from experts, expand your knowledge, and leave with new ways to become a game changer.


  • November 14 - Cocktail Reception - 18:45 to 20:45 GMT
  • November 15 - Conference - 08:30 to 17:00 GMT

Who Should Attend:

  • Board Directors, C-level Executives, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Advisors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity
  • AESC Members | Executive Search & Leadership Consulting Professionals

We’ll Explore:

  • The Next 10 Years: Why & How We Can Be Optimistic About the Future
  • Private Equity & Sustainable Value Creation
  • Addressing Climate Risk at the Board-Level
  • Why Productivity is the Key to Sustainable Growth
  • Sustaining Growth Through Trusted Advisor Partnerships
  • And much more!


The Next 10 Years: Why & How We Can Be Optimistic About the Future

A wave of challenges is upon us—climate risk, geopolitical conflicts, and the rapid rate of technological change. 'PermaChange' is the new normal and 'business as usual' is a distant memory. Yet despite the increasingly dystopian buzz in the media, history shows that over the long term, the future is always decided by optimists. And it is always a crisis that catalyzes a new golden era. In his talk, Gerd will describe the key challenges and opportunities of the next decade, sharing why we should be optimistic, and showing the best ways to boost our future-readiness. He’ll explain what this all means for leadership, talent and skills, and the future of work and business.


Coulter Partners
Heidrick & Struggles
Odgers Berndtson
Sheffield Haworth
Spencer Stuart

Gerd Leonhard
Futurist, Humanist, Author of "Technology vs. Humanity
The Futures Agency
Why Productivity is the Key to Sustainable Growth

Despite massive opportunities from digital technology and large fiscal and monetary stimuli, multiple headwinds (the global financial crisis, COVID-19, war, political tensions, and the climate crisis) have prevented a widespread productivity improvement in the past decade and a half. If such headwinds persist, slow productivity could turn out to be a major weakening force for economic recovery and jeopardize the transition path to net-zero growth. In this talk, prof. Bart van Ark, will give an economic outlook and discuss what it will take to turn worker and business productivity into a force for sustainable growth in the future.

Bart van Ark
Professor of Productivity Studies at Alliance Manchester Business School
Managing Director at The Productivity Institute
Sustaining Growth Through Trusted Advisor Partnerships

How will organizations sustain growth in an environment of rapid change driven by technology and societal shift? What are the implications on leaders, teams and culture? AESC surveys clients of executive search and leadership consulting firms every three years to capture their thinking on senior talent acquisition, their relationships with executive search firms, and how they intend to partner with outside advisors for the future. AESC CEO Karen Greenbaum will present the findings, weaving in critical insights on key issues like Sustainability, DEI and Digital Acceleration and what it all means for a trusted advisor partnership.

Karen Greenbaum
President & CEO
The Evolving Role of the ESG Leader in Private Equity

Join us for a fireside chat as we explore the role of the ESG practitioner in private equity, their career paths and their readiness for the future. Along the way, we'll address hiring challenges, candidate identification, attraction and retention, organizational structures, cultural challenges and compensation.

Strategic courage in an age of volatility

At a time when new shocks are being layered onto existing disruptions, leaders need to play both offense and defence. McKinsey & Company’s Michael Birshan will discuss what organizations are facing and the three types of leadership edge – in insight, commitment, and execution – they need to develop to succeed in this age of volatility.

Michael Birshan
Global co-leader of our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice
McKinsey & Company
What Role Does Our Profession Play in Sustainability?

As one of the most pressing leadership issues for our age, what role do leadership advisors play in driving Sustainability? How can our profession best partner with Boards & C-Suites to achieve their sustainability goals? How do we embed sustainability into all aspects of our work and within our own firms? Join us for a fireside chat with Pam Fitzpatrick, Global Head of Sustainability at Russell Reynolds Associates, who holds the first position of its kind within our profession.

Pam Fitzpatrick
Global Head of Sustainability
Russell Reynolds Associates
Sarah Galloway
Co-leader, Global Sustainability Sector
Russell Reynolds Associates

AESC Awards recognize individuals for their personal achievements and contribution to their firm, our profession and the communities in which we serve. Join us as we honor this year's recipients.

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