Executive Search Leaders

Executive Search Leaders is the most experienced single team globally dedicated to our sector, bringing senior executive search professionals and talent acquisition specialists to some of the world’s most dynamic firms. We work with organisations at the cutting edge of their industries, on a long-term retained basis, helping them attract executive search leaders that give them a competitive edge and drive business performance. We deliver a largely consulting-led approach, ensuring we continually build sustainable relationships that allow our clients to lead and own their markets.

Our offering includes:

  • An in-depth competitor analysis at Partner level, presented via our unique online reporting system.
  • A full executive search tailored to suit our clients’ exact requirements, led by a minimum of two Partners.
  • A guarantee that every suitable target candidate will be qualified.
  • Strategic counsel on compensation recommendations at Partner level.
  • Analysing and networking with key performers among our clients’ competitors and establishing how best to attract them.
  • Advising on a wide range of assessment products to enable our clients to better consult their clients.
  • Delivering advisory services to clients on strategy, change, growth and operational improvement.

Please contact Nick Workman, Managing Partner, for further details.

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