AESC Awards

We are proud of our membersthose firms that meet our high standards of quality and professionalism. AESC Members represent the top of the profession and commit to the values of our Code of Professional Practiceintegrity, excellence, confidentiality, objectivity, diversity & inclusion, and avoiding conflicts of interestevery day. 

Since 1982, AESC has honored individuals who truly stand out. AESC Awards recognize members for their personal achievements and contribution to their firm, our profession and the communities in which we serve. View past AESC honorees.

Nomination Process and Recognition

Nominations are reviewed by respective committees who are asked to consider all aspects of a nomination that demonstrate the merits of the recipient. AESC Lifetime Achievement Achievement Award nominations are reviewed by the Nominating and Governance Committee of the AESC Board of Directors. AESC’s Award of Excellence, Commitment to the Community Award and Future of the Profession Award are reviewed by the respective AESC Regional Council Nominating and Governance Committees. 

Awards are presented at AESC Conferences each year. Recipients of the AESC Lifetime Achievement Award are acknowledged at a conference based on the convenience of the awardee. Those selected for an Award are notified by AESC directly and asked to confirm attendance at the Conference (not required but encouraged). 

Nomination Submissions

  • Submit final nomination forms to  
  • DEADLINE: March 24, 2023 - Submit nominations for AESC's Global Conference New York

AESC Lifetime Achievement Award

Bestowed since 1982, AESC's Lifetime Achievement Award is the capstone award for the profession, honoring significant, career-long achievement while recognizing the highest standards of work. 


Nominees should have a long and distinguished career in executive search and/ or leadership consulting. As practitioners, they should clearly rise above the rest, and have outstanding reputations. They could be considered icons in the profession and unquestionably meritorious of the recognition.

The nomination should provide concrete examples of the impact they have had on the profession as well as their firm at the local, regional, and/ or global levels. The nomination must include two written recommendations from colleagues or clients. 

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AESC Award of Excellence

AESC's Award of Excellence honors significant, outstanding contribution to the executive search and leadership consulting profession to individuals at the height of their careers.


Nominees should clearly be deserving of the recognition, having contributed something that is remarkable, innovative, or ground-breaking in their firm and for the profession, which makes them worthy of receiving this highest recognition.

The nomination should include examples of the leadership they have shown in their firm and beyond for the good of the profession.

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The AESC IDEA Award builds from the AESC Diversity Pledge by recognizing initiatives that demonstrate an exemplary commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access (or “IDEA”). These initiatives should be of sufficient significance and external impact to be recognized as excellent by the profession.


The nominee should be able to clearly articulate the external impact of a strategy or initiative focused on encouraging diversity and inclusion. The demonstrated impact of the effort will be supported by examples and testimonials.

Nominations can be submitted for individuals, organizations, a group within an organization, but must reference a specific initiative sponsored by an organization.

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AESC Commitment to the Community Award

AESC's Commitment to the Community Award was established in 1993 to recognize a firm, office or individual who combines excellence in executive search or leadership consulting with a strong commitment to community service and volunteerism toward charitable causes.


Nominees should have involvement in a charitable organization, contribution to a philanthropic endeavor, pro-bono search or leadership consulting, or service in a nongovernmental organization (NGO).

The nomination should include specific examples of their community activity and the impact of the effort, as well as testimonials from leaders of those organizations about the impact on these organizations and the people or communities that they serve. The nomination should also reinforce the quality work in executive search or leadership consulting as well.

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AESC Future of the Profession Award

AESC's Future of the Profession Award is designed to recognize the next generation of leaders in executive search and leadership consulting. It honors innovation and forward-thinking leadership and recipients are viewed as trailblazers in the profession.


The nomination should provide specific examples of the innovation and leadership they have shown, for example: innovative client solutions; improvements to existing processes; the introduction of new technology; or creative approaches to standard operating practices. The nomination should share specifically how, through their work, the individual is making a difference for the benefit of the firm, clients, and /or candidates. Nominees should have at least seven years in the profession.

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AESC Award of Excellence in Executive Research

The AESC Award of Excellence in Executive Research was established in 2004 and honors an AESC Member (Researcher or Associate) who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution in executive research and reinforces AESC's commitment to the highest professional standards by representing themselves and their firm in a highly professional and ethical manner.


Nominees should clearly be deserving of the recognition, having demonstrated excellence through evidence of innovation, involvement with system improvement or through exemplary feedback from colleagues or candidates.

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