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Mintz Group sets the standard for background checking of executive and board candidates, from long list to finalist, globally. After a search firm finds a suitable candidate, Mintz delves into the candidate’s background and professional history, often discovering new and at times critical information that was beyond the reach of the search firm’s internal researchers or consultants.

Always maintaining an active dialogue with the search firm, Mintz Reports verify the professed qualifications of candidates and uncover inconsistencies, omissions, or undisclosed controversies that may exist in their backgrounds. Because search firms and your clients have so much at stake in these appointments, Mintz Reports go well beyond obvious online sources and data, in all relevant languages. Mintz works discreetly during its search work, gathering facts ethically and in compliance with privacy protections.

When search firms or your clients need to vet high volumes of candidates quickly and cost-effectively, the Mintz Global Verify Screening portal makes it easy to request preliminary reports on the long list and comprehensive reports on finalists.


Exclusive AESC Member Benefit

Mintz Group has been an Official Partner of the AESC for ten years running. AESC members receive preferred pricing on its services. Mintz is now offering a free social media check to all AESC member firms (if interested, please email Zack Henry).

To learn more, please visit www.mintzgroup.com, or contact:


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