Top Five Reasons for Building Next Generation Talent

Over 850 executives from around the world, representing a wide range of business sectors—from technology to professional services, from non-profits to 100 year-old industrial firms— contributed to AESC's Next Generation survey

The survey sample included family-owned and operated regional enterprises to large, multi-national corporations. Across these broad ranges, we found that many of the executives surveyed are already employing recruitment, retention, and professional development strategies tailored to a new kind of emerging leader. The responses suggest that business leaders have anticipated what the latest research is telling us about what motivates next generation talent.

When asked ‘Why is building the next generation of executive talent important for your organization?’ the several-hundred open-ended responses from executives around the world covered a wide range of answers, including the growth and sustainability of the organization, continuity and succession planning, competition, and even survival. Some executives answered that building next gen talent was important for building culture and empathy, building a better world, and to both face, and create, disruption.

This graphic originally appeared in AESC's Executive Talent Magazine article, "The Emerging Business Imperative."

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