Alder Koten: 10 Ways To Bridge Cultural Diversity

In this globalized era, migration is very common. According to the United Nations, in 2015, 244 million people live abroad, which is an increase of 41 percent from 2000. Thus, we can expect to see people from all walks of life in the workplace. It has become more and more common to work, live, befriend, and even create families with people of diverse background. With this as the backdrop of modern businesses, understanding how to bridge cultural gaps among various diverse groups is key.

Alder Koten explained the 10 ways to bridge cultural diversity:

  1. Recognize cultural differences.
  2. Recognize individual differences.
  3. Be aware of your behaviors.
  4. Show respect.
  5. Speak clearly.
  6. Be transparent.
  7. Clarify and ask for clarification when needed.
  8. Involve the whole group.
  9. Give credit when it is due.
  10. Recognize that people learn at their pace.

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