Upskilling: Start Now to Prepare for the Future

Efficient business and economic development models have a prevalent focus on workforce development and solutions.

Engagement is defined as performance development needs being met. Yet, only 33% of employees feel engaged at work, and 76% want opportunities for career growth. [Source: SHIFT: Disruptive Elearning]

The framework of today's workplace is shifting at a rapid pace. There are many questions and much uncertainty that have emerged in and around the present, unpredictable climate. It is critical that employers design structures of employee learning. At the same time, employees must emphasize personal development and growth for themselves. Now is the opportune time to learn with your peers and from field experts on how they are tackling both everyday and unique issues.

Upskilling is essential. How can you as an employer push professional training for impactful short- and long-term benefits? Why should you as an employee expand your learning for greater and achievable success?


Employees, Building Your Personal Brand

Add Power to your Voice and Work

When employees do not feel supported or properly equipped, their confidence and job satisfaction fall. With the right training opportunities, employees can use new skillsets and apply them to areas that matter. This builds assurance and credibility to the work delivered to the organization, client, and personal brand.

Stay Motivated and Relevant

Hone in on the skills pertinent not only to your role but to your career. This is key for a career trajectory that travels upwards or even expands outwards. Investing in professional development fills the gap and completes your resume to stand out in a busy market. Be intentional with the skills you would like to cultivate and goals to achieve.

Go Above and Beyond

Continuous learning frames you as more than a job position but a well-rounded individual set up for growth and success. The beginning of the “new normal” presents new and unfamiliar career challenges. Now is not the time to sit back and wait to adjust to the change. Now is the time to change and enrich with professional development as a focal guide. It's time to advance your skills, upgrade your portfolio, engage your networks, and strengthen your personal brand.


Professional Development Solutions

“Our work environments are going to require leadership characteristics such as flexibility, adaptability, agility, cross-functional capability, innovation. This is a great time to show that you have all those traits. To deliver for your company, so that you can then really capitalize on that later, show what you’re made of and really step up and deliver.” – Rosalie Harrison, Partner, Borderless.

AESC equips you with the resources you need to start and end each assignment with consistency and confidence. There is a program that is right for you at every stage of your executive search career.

For Authorities in Advisory Innovation

Advanced Certificates in Executive Talent & Leadership Consulting with Cornell University

Become the best advisor for your client, firm, and career. Learn what methods on human capital strategy and leadership are working best around the world. Experts in executive education share their knowledge of assessment and trends and how to develop your role as an executive search leader.

For Proactive Builders of Relationships

Certificate in Client Relationship Development with Andrew Sobel

Go beyond an expert role to be the confidant your clients seek and depend on for every transaction. Discover how to grow your client base while enriching current connections. Do not overlook the power of deepening and building client relationships today, tomorrow, and for life.

For Executive Inquisitors

Certificate in Executive Research with Rachel Roche

Return to the traditional method of mastering the executive research process that veers away from the monotony and the obvious. Gain access to all the research essentials coupled with industry expertise and peer interaction to best maneuver common challenges.

For Interviewing Trailblazers

Effective Interviewing E-Learning with Interview Edge

With behavioral interviewing, predict a candidate’s future on-the-job performance by evaluating past and present behavior. Deliver successful results for your firm and clients.

Each program is flexible and is available for both individuals and groups. More than 215 alumni firms have participated in AESC’s education programs including AESC Members of Boyden, Russell Reynolds, Korn Ferry and inhouse recruiters of Google, PwC, and BlackRock. Discover the tactics to excel in your role and elevate your career to new heights.

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