The New Normal: Preparing your Teams for the Recovery

Estimates show that 80% of professionals work in group settings [Source: Attle S. & Baker, B.] with employers valuing communication skills and effective work within diverse groups [Source: Finelli C., Bergom I., Mesa, V.]

And, “86% of employees cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failure.” [Source: Salesforce]

So, how can employers ensure that their teams are confident with collaboration, high productivity, and collective success? How can they equip their teams with those skillsets?

Professional development in a group setting can achieve both. Employees have the space to learn and upskill within a group dialogue to problem solve together and better retain the material. At the same time, employers have the opportunity to create a strong collaborative culture and bolster team productivity, project outcomes, and company brand.

Team Building

Employers, Attract and Retain Quality Talent

Become an Attractive and Appealing Organization

40% of employees [Source: Gallup] who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. You can elevate your company image and attract the right employees by providing opportunities for professional growth. This builds positive brand recognition amongst the workforce. Acknowledge staff as valuable assets to the team while adding a competitive component to a job offer for quality candidates. With these opportunities in place, morale, productivity, enthusiasm, and loyalty can be nurtured.

Exercise Unused Muscles

Whether training is directly or indirectly related to individual roles, there is an explicit correlation to increased productivity. If the training is directly related to your current role this not only builds knowledge and applicable skills but adds a wealth of new ideas. Indirectly related development can bring a new wave of energy, a different perspective, and collaboration among various teams.

Stay Up to Date

Each industry will continue to evolve with passing time. These changes put in place new approaches, technology, and practices. It is critical in any field to learn and understand the changes that are happening and how to adapt—to be not only relevant but innovative. Professional development opportunities provide insight while embracing more efficient methods and staying in-the-know.

Team Building

Group Training Solutions

“The competitive landscape is changing dramatically in the marketplace today, and our people are our most valuable asset.” – Shana Plott, Coleman Lew Canny Bowen.

AESC equips you with the resources your team needs to start and end each assignment with consistency and confidence. There is a program that is right for your team at every stage of their executive search career.

For Team Leaders in Advisory Design

Advanced Certificates in Executive Talent Consulting with Cornell University

Become the best advisor for your client, firm, and career. Participants in this advanced program benefit not only from the esteemed professors but also through group peer discussions about client solutions and challenges. Learn what methods on human capital strategy and leadership are working best around the world.

For Client Relationship Building

Certificate in Client Relationship Development with Andrew Sobel

This virtual, on-the-go learning opportunity is an ideal training opportunity for remote teams. Go beyond an expert role to be the confidant your clients seek and depend on for every transaction. Business development teams can learn proven tactics and strategies on how to grow their client base while enriching current connections.

For Executive Research Success

Certificate in Executive Research with Rachel Roche

An industry-recognized credential, this program is utilized as an onboarding supplement for new teams of executive researchers and associates. Gain access to all the research essentials coupled with industry expertise and peer interaction to best maneuver common challenges.

For Interviewing Innovation

Effective Interviewing E-Learning with Interview Edge

With behavioral interviewing, predict a candidate’s future on-the-job performance by evaluating past and present behavior. Deliver successful results for your firm and clients.

Each program is flexible and is available for both individuals and groups. More than 215 alumni firms have participated in AESC’s education programs including AESC Members of Boyden, Russell Reynolds, Korn Ferry and inhouse recruiters of Google, PwC, and BlackRock. Discover the tactics to excel in your role and elevate your career to new heights.

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