Influence and Impact

2024 AESC Global Conference - New York

May 14, 2024 to May 15, 2024
New York (Roosevelt Island)
Strengthening Leadership Together: Influence & Impact
May 14, 2024 to May 15, 2024
08:00 to 17:00

Take a fresh look at leadership with AESC. Explore the power of influence—for organizations and individuals. Make a lasting impact and drive personal, organizational, and societal change through an inspirational day of thought-provoking speakers, exclusive research, and networking with colleagues.

Join AESC in New York to hear from experts on future trends:

  • Conversations in a time of rapid social change
  • Human intelligence supported by artificial intelligence - shaping the world of work
  • Business expansion and transformation – new drivers for economic growth
  • The impact and opportunities of the multigenerational workforce on innovation and competition


  • May 14 - Boutique Independent Firm Forum & Welcome Reception
  • May 15 - Global Conference

Who Should Attend:

  • Board Directors, C-level Executives, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Advisors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity
  • AESC Members | Executive Search & Leadership Consulting Professionals

New Venue:
AESC’s 2024 Conference will take place at the Cornell Tech Center in Roosevelt Island, New York. Featuring high-design with ample space, human-centered technology, and breathtaking views, the venue is the ideal setting for visionary thinkers.
Address: 2 W Loop Road, New York, NY 10044

Don't miss this opportunity to gain fresh intelligence to thrive today and tomorrow.


17:00 to 19:00
Welcome Reception

Join us on May 14 for the Conference Welcome Reception.

Registration | Breakfast | Networking
Conference Welcome and Highlights
Navigating Conversations in a Time of Rapid Social Change

Bestselling author and lauded TED speaker Kenji Yoshino speaks about allyship, the power of authenticity, and the progress of civil rights. With practical guidance on how to talk about identity, Yoshino makes allyship accessible, explores the power unleashed when people can stop “covering” who they are, and finally, addresses how companies can mitigate the backlash against DEI. The Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law at NYU School of Law and the director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Yoshino is the author of Say The Right Thing, a practical approach to talking about identity; Speak Now, the story of marriage equality in the courts; A Thousand Times More Fair, what Shakespeare’s plays teach us about justice; and Covering, part memoir and new way to think about civil rights.

Kenji Yoshino
Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law, NYU School of Law; Director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Employee Trust At Work - How this impacts Leadership

2023 Edelman Trust Barometer: Special Report, Trust At Work unveils a transformative era in the workplace, where the very essence of work is being redefined by a multigenerational workforce calling for change. With an unprecedented level of trust placed in employers, surpassing even the four main societal institutions, there is a clear mandate for organizations to rise to the occasion. Employees are not just expecting more; they are actively shaping their work environments, heralding a new age of employee empowerment and organizational responsibility.

Elena Grotto
EVP, Business Transformation
Awards Session: Commitment to the Community Award
The Future Reimagined: New Rules for a New Era

A new wave of transformative change is reshaping the world as we know it. Join a conversation unlike any other with Journalist and author, Marcia Stepanek and Demographic Futurist and author, Bradley Schurman who will present startling insights and the implications for economies, organizations, and leaders:
· Climate change and the impact on resources
· Declining birthrates and extended lifespans
· Migration patterns of skilled and unskilled labor
· AI and labor, relationships and reality
· Changing dynamics of family and home
· Disinformation and discernment

Bradley Schurman
#NewRules Media
Marcia Stepanek
#NewRules Media
Awards Session: Lifetime Achievement Award
Insights from an Industry Icon, Fireside Chat with Judee von Seldeneck
Judee von Seldeneck
Founder and Chair
Diversified Search Group
Karen Greenbaum
Awards Session: IDEA Award
Leading a Multigenerational Team: Turn Differences Into Advantages

What if generational change is not a problem to overcome, but an opportunity to optimize? For the first time in history, five generations now share the workplace, and leaders must balance a generation gap of multiple decades between the oldest and youngest employees. New York Times bestselling author and workplace expert Lindsey Pollak — often called a translator among generations — shares her insights into how leaders can better understand and leverage the unique perspective of each generation.

Lindsey Pollak
NYTimes Bestselling Author and Career and Workplace Expert
Spencer Badesch
Engagement Manager & Panelist
Heidrick & Struggles
Sophia Ku
Senior Associate & Panelist
MondouxRollins Partners Inc
Tracy Murdoch O'Such
Global Managing Partner, Media, Entertainment, and Sports & Panelist
Diversified Search Group
Chris Pantelidis
Managing Partner, Practice Group Leader, Global Payments, Digital & Transaction Services & Panelist
EMA Partners
From AI to Analog: A Balanced Approach to the New Digital Landscape

This session delves into the nuanced interplay between advanced AI technologies and traditional, "analog" approaches in driving meaningful organizational change. Caitlin explores effective strategies for integrating AI into various business processes, emphasizing the synergy between cutting-edge digital tools and human-centric methods. She will discuss how AI can act as a catalyst for organizational transformation, fostering adaptability and innovation in an increasingly digital world. The talk will also cover practical methods for enhancing digital communication efficiency, leveraging AI to streamline operations while ensuring that these digital advancements complement rather than replace the rich value of human interaction and conversation.

Caitlin Begg
Founder and Sociological Researcher
Authentic Social
Awards Session: Award of Excellence
On the cusp of a new era: Global, macroeconomic earthquakes strike every 20-30 years. What makes us think that moment is now, and what does that look like moving into the future?

Kweilin Ellingrud, Director and Senior Partner, McKinsey Global Institute presents a framework to imagine the new era, drawn from a historical perspective of the structural tectonics that underpinned the world we have today and how they might play out in the next era. Working out how to respond to the current moment and the path ahead is complex and requires boldness. Don’t miss this critical conversation about the future.

Kweilin Ellingrud
Director and Senior Partner
McKinsey Global Institute
The State of the Profession

AESC CEO Karen Greenbaum presents findings from AESC’s State of the Profession report--the only research of its kind, combining financial performance and outlook, trends in the profession, and unique, members-only insights including the use of AI, shifting business models, and what clients are asking of their service providers. The presentation includes revenue for the profession year-over year; revenue distribution among lines of business; expected hiring in 2024; and additional client insights on DEI, sustainability, and artificial intelligence, and more. Among the most highly anticipated presentations of the year, Greenbaum’s “State of the Profession” presentation is not to be missed.

Karen Greenbaum
Closing Remarks


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