Vanderbloemen: 6 Mistakes Leaders Make When Inheriting a New Team

You just got hired or promoted into a new leadership position

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news: you are now being asked to lead a team someone else built.

In Vanderbloemen's work as Search Consultants, they always look for culture fit to complement competency, character, and chemistry. Inevitably, these new leaders will be tasked with taking over an organization built by someone else with a team someone else hired. Few leaders will have the freedom to build their teams from scratch. You will likely have to start with the team you’ve inherited rather than the one you would have built yourself.

Here are six common mistakes leaders make when taking over someone else’s team:

  1. Failing to get the know the new team
  2. Failing to set a "new normal" for the team
  3. Forgetting relational equity is more powerful than positional authority
  4. Making changes too quickly
  5. Making changes too slowly
  6. Believing you can fix anything by yourself

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