Signium: Women Have Head Start In Quest For New Leaders

In an article by Mosima Selekisho, Director at Signium Africa, (previously Talent Africa), she discusses how female executives have a leg up in the new era of leadership. Today, women are ideally placed to meet the growing need for a new type of corporate leader.

In the past, a power leader relationship existed between executive and employees, as corporate officials who operate on some elevated plane and go unchallenged for years. This sense of power leadership encouraged hard-driving, hard nosed leadership style. However now in our new generation of talent, Selekisho believes they are increasingly more motivated by a servant leadership style.

Traits of a servant leader:

  • There to serve the people and the organisation
  • Commands through shared purpose and teamwork instead of fear or hierarchy
  • Listening skills are key
  • Servant leaders listen, share perspective, and help employees fix problems together with them


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