Russell Reynolds Associates: Diversity And Inclusion During A Crisis: Five Emerging Lessons

This is a time where an organization’s past investments in diversity and inclusion can yield significant rewards if leaders are able to pivot and adapt those initiatives to new needs. It’s increasingly clear that a commitment to equity is not just the right thing to do, it is good business. In line with many other studies, our research shows executives at organizations with advanced diversity and inclusion strategies are about 30 percent more likely than others to feel highly loyal, innovative and set up for top performance.

Based on our recent conversations with diversity and inclusion executives across industries, we see the following pitfalls emerging – as well as a range of potential solutions.

  1. Leading Inclusively Is Getting Harder
  2. New Forms Of Unconscious Bias Abound
  3. Existing D&I Infrastructures Must Adapt Or Die
  4. Sponsors And Allies Need To Supercharge Their Efforts
  5. If You Don’t Keep D&I On The Leadership Agenda, It Will Get Lost

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Bradlee Benn, T.R. Straub, Harsonal Sachar, Alix Stuart
Thought leadership category