Stanton Chase: Top 10 Questions CEOs Need to Ask When Interviewing a Chief Commercial Officer

When looking for a CCO, think ahead. You’re not just picking a leader for today; you’re choosing one for the future—2040 and beyond. Here’s why: 

By 2040, we expect a massive shift online, with 95% of sales happening there. Most brick-and-mortar stores will likely have gone the way of the dinosaurs. The Asia Pacific region is set to boom, making up 39% of the world’s spending power. That means businesses need to start building their presence in emerging markets now. And while our planet’s population will grow by one billion, the number of consumers will jump by two billion. Generation Alpha, the children of today, will be the shoppers of 2040 with totally new desires—things will be all about speed, efficiency, affordability, and technology yet to be invented. 

So, to get to the point, you need a CCO who’s built to last. Someone who can plant strong roots now. But what should you look for in a future-ready CCO? 

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