Spencer Stuart: The Anatomy of a Disruptor - The CMO as an Agent of Change

A new article from Spencer Stuart focuses on the key role of the chief marketing officer as the disruptor that drives change in an organisation.

The topics addressed in the article include:

  • Disrupting the status quo: an understanding that what works today won't necessarily work tomorrow.
  • Cultural change: the CMO as the principal agent of cultural change, with the goal to align people with the strategy.
  • The digital fusion of sales and marketing: transitioning towards a consumer-centric organisation, and new changes in an e-commerce world.
  • The transformation of marketing: new ways of working and reinventing the marketing function.

The article also includes ten tips for disruptors, the individual style profile of disruptive leaders, and an outline of the five key characteristics shared by the most successful marketing disruptors:

  1. Creative and compelling communicators
  2. Committed to learning
  3. Team players
  4. Team builders
  5. Courageous and resilient

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