Acertitude: Navigating New Waters: The Evolving Role of CFOs in Private Equity

Navigating a tapestry of challenges, private equity CFOs have undergone a transformative evolution, shifting from being financial overseers to becoming strategic pilots. Their role surpasses the scope of accounting and reporting monthly numbers; they now own and harness data, providing invaluable insights that improve fact-based decision making for the organization at large. The emerging PE CFO is a vital linchpin, balancing the financial acumen, operational resilience, and strategic foresight poised to unlock new dimensions of success in an ever-changing landscape.

In this article, Scott Carberry - Senior Partner at Acertitude, delves into:

  • Evolution of the private equity CFO role
  • Heightened market challenges
  • Steerage through economic unpredictability
  • Balancing growth and cash conservation
  • Accelerating transformation
  • And more...

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Scott Carberry
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