Borderless: A Boomer’s Guide: Four Things to Know About Working with Gen Z

Baby Boomers are now one of the oldest generations in our workforce. With this experience it is sometimes hard to adapt to what the newest generation of talent wants and is looking for. Borderless found that Generation Z or the iGeneration (Born between mid-1990s and 2010) are a little bit different than millenials in a few key ways. 

Gen Z has an appreciation for traditional work benefits, like health care and tuition reimbursement. This means things like Ping-Pong tables and sleeping pods that were thought to be so important to millenials may not be the case for Gen Z. Borderless dives deeper into just what are the crucial things to know about working with Gen Z.

Four crucial things to know about Gen Z:

  1. They process information much differently
  2. They use technology to communicate about issues and important topics
  3. They learn via videos
  4. They're more open and accepting of differences


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