Create the Future

Boutique and Independent Firm Forum 2019

April 9, 2019
New York
Impact Organizations to #LeadTomorrowNow
April 9, 2019
12:00 to 19:30

On the eve of our anniversary, AESC celebrates 60 years of propelling businesses into the future with the right talent leading in the right way. When our founders established AESC, they set the standard for a profession that discovers the rare talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making; and activates organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

As we look to the future, where will we find the talent who can not only navigate a tomorrow we can only just imagine, but who can also build it? Join AESC for Create the Future. Kicking off our annual Global Conference, held on April 10, AESC will host a Boutique and Independent Firm Forum (BIFF) on April 9. The Forum provides an opportunity for AESC member professionals from smaller and boutique firms to cover trends in executive search and leadership consulting, and exchange best practices for addressing challenges and solutions.

AESC's April 9th Forum is designed to meet the needs of our boutique, small and sole proprietor firm members and we strongly encourage individuals from those firms to join us. Please note that firms that are globally branded in the marketplace are ineligible to attend.


Welcome & Opening Remarks
Best Practice Exchange
Exchange best practices around the challenges and opportunities of boutique, small and sole proprietor firms. The Forum offers an opportunity to discuss operational issues as well as trends in executive search and leadership consulting.
Networking Reception
It was my first time attending but I was really impressed with the quality of discussion and hearing insights from others who have been around longer. It was extremely beneficial.
When I attend an AESC meeting, I come back with an idea, best practice or something that’s being done somewhere else, which will cause me to relook at my business model. And as a result, my customers have an opportunity to actually not only get the best of what I can do but the best of everything I can learn from some of the best companies around the world.


New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center