Create the Future

AESC Global Conference 2019

April 10, 2019
New York
Impact Organizations to #LeadTomorrowNow
April 10, 2019
08:00 to 19:30

You predict the future. That’s right. Your value lies in thinking ahead long-term on behalf of your clients. You forecast the trends that will impact organizations tomorrow so you can prepare them today.

On the eve of our anniversary, AESC celebrates 60 years of propelling businesses into the future with the right talent leading in the right way. When our founders established AESC, they set the standard for a profession that discovers the rare talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making; and activates organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

As we look to the future, where will we find the talent who can not only navigate a tomorrow we can only just imagine, but who can also build it? How will we deploy future talent to thrive in a climate of rapid technological advancement and massive societal change? How will we activate the disruptors with the vision and courage to create the future of innovation?

Join AESC for Create the Future. We’ll anticipate the major drivers of tomorrow’s global business. We’ll develop the foresight to condition your clients for resiliency and help them seize emerging opportunities in their industry.


Why Long-Term Thinking is a Good Short-Term Strategy
The lifespans of companies are growing shorter each day. Why do some companies thrive and grow while others fail? McKinsey's Rodney Zemmel, co-author of 'Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking is your Best Short-Term Strategy' will reveal how some of the world's most prominent business leaders resisted short-term pressures to successfully manage their organizations for the long term and, in turn, created more jobs, more satisfied customers and more shareholder wealth.
Rodney Zemmel
Senior Partner
The Future of Work
Erica is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. She evaluates emerging social, technological, economic, political, demographic and environmental trends. In her presentation, she will identify the strategic implications (the “So what?”) of those trends for the profession of executive search and leadership consulting. Erica’s ability to connect-the-dots, spot patterns, think critically and analytically, and translate that into actionable strategies is what has made her an invaluable asset to clients.
Erica Orange
Executive VP & COO
The Future Hunters
Executive Talent 2025: AESC Global Client Study
Evolving AESC’s Executive Talent 2020 study from 2016, we once again surveyed clients worldwide on their top talent challenges and how they intend to shape their talent strategies for the future. AESC President and CEO will present findings from a survey of senior business leaders worldwide, weaving in insights on organizational transformation from a survey of more than 600 executive search and leadership consultants. How will the executive search and leadership profession advise clients over the next few years and what are the new emerging opportunities?
Karen Greenbaum
President and CEO
Talent Technologies: Enablers or Disruptors
Digital technologies have disrupted organizations and industries worldwide. Talent acquisition is no exception. This session will address the new technologies that are available for talent acquisition. Will they replace the executive search process or enable us to be more efficient and client-focused? After an overview of the landscape, hear a panel of representatives from tech startups that are changing the environment for executive search and leadership consulting.
The AESC Global Conference is very important to our profession in the sense that it brings together the best of the best in the field, to come together and share and learn from each other, and exchange best practices. I think it's also wonderful opportunity for each of us to recognize leaders in our industry and to celebrate them, and to share what the best of the best in this profession, in the retain search world and leadership advisory sector, has to offer.
Julian Ha
Heidrick & Struggles
If I attend an AESC meeting, I will come back with an idea, best practice, something that’s being done somewhere else, which will cause me to relook at my business model. And as a result, my customers have an opportunity to actually not only get the best of what I can do, but very much the best of everything I can learn from some of the best companies around the world.
Stefan Danis
Highfield Human Solutions


New York Academy of Sciences
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