Purpose. People. Progress.

AESC Global Conference 2020

April 15, 2020
New York
Purpose. People. Progress.
April 15, 2020
09:00 to 18:00

What will leadership look like in 2020 and into the next decade? What competencies will it require? How is digital transformation changing the talent landscape?

As organizations embrace mission leadership, a new quotient of success emerges—one focused on purpose, people and progress.

But where will we find the talent that can create inspiring and inclusive cultures, influence social responsibility and instill a commitment to sustainability?

In this new war for talent, what role will our profession play in shaping the future of leadership? As we advise organizations in the attraction, development and retention of top talent into the next decade, how must we evolve to meet the challenging needs of our clients?

Together, we’ll embark on the next decade dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide.


As consultants, you shape the future of leadership. You think ahead long-term on behalf of your clients. You forecast the trends that will impact organizations tomorrow so you can prepare them today.

Together, we’ll anticipate the major drivers of tomorrow’s global business. We’ll develop the foresight to condition your clients for resiliency and help them seize emerging opportunities in their industries.


Our Search for Belonging
What is “Belonging”? As we have moved from diversity to inclusion, we still mostly have created environments in which historically marginalized people are adapting to organizations whose cultures are driven by the dominant group. Our traditional biases and assumptions dominate some of that decision-making. The challenge is, what kind of an organization can have all people feel like they are fully engaged? Linking healthy organizational cultures with high performance, Ross will show us how organizational cultures can be developed that create greater opportunities for authenticity, joy and inclusion. Based on his latest book, Our Search for Belonging, Ross will share a roadmap to creating more inclusion and joy based on 9 specific pathways: A Culture-based, Systems Approach; Future Orientation; Establishing Transparency and Effective Communication; Inclusion and Enrollment; Creating Safety for Personal Vulnerability, Connection and Consciousness; Dialogue and Open-minded thinking; Wellness; Decision-Making and Problem Solving; and The Quadruple bottom line.
Howard Ross
Udarta Consulting
Can Artificial Intelligence Help Society as Much as it Helps Business?
Today’s evolving business world breeds concern about whether business leaders will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and workplace automation to pad their own pockets and those of shareholders—while simultaneously hurting society by causing unemployment, infringing upon privacy, creating safety and security risks, or worse. Is it possible that what is good for society can also be good for business—and vice versa? This skepticism isn’t entirely new. Bughin, MGI Director and Senior Partner at McKinsey, will answer this question with a balanced perspective informed by history, breaking down both the positive and negative impacts of new technologies on the working world. Bughin will help us better understand technological social responsibility (TSR), how business and societal goals may align, and new essential leadership imperatives.
CEO Insights: Purposeful Leadership
Donna Zarcone and Bill McNabb will discuss the current governance landscape and the role the Board plays in overseeing the corporation, the culture, and the strategy. Addressing how leading with purpose will achieve long term growth, they will discuss how all stakeholders, not only shareholders, should benefit from an organization’s activities. That includes protecting the environment; fostering inclusion, dignity, and respect among employees; supporting communities; and dealing ethically with suppliers.
Donna Zarcone
President and CEO
The Economic Club of Chicago
Bill McNabb
Chairman and CEO (Ret.)
The C-suite Challenge 2020: The Future Ready Organization
Today, many organizations collaborate to achieve shared or overlapping objectives. The annual C-suite Challenge® survey of CEOs and C-suite executives focuses on two topics: collaboration initiatives, and data privacy and cybersecurity. Mitchell, Executive Director, Knowledge Content & Quality at The Conference Board will lead us through the findings, which include global client views on interaction with customers and the workforce, strategy planning and execution, and innovation and sustainability.
Chuck Mitchell
Executive Director, Knowledge Content & Quality
The Conference Board
Purpose. People. Progress.
Nearly 200 CEOs of some of the world’s strongest brands recently issued a statement on “the purpose of a corporation,” arguing that companies should no longer advance only the interests of shareholders, but also invest in their employees, protect the environment, deal fairly and ethically with their suppliers and contribute positively to their communities. In a survey of global business leaders, AESC set out to investigate how this thinking is being embraced throughout organizations worldwide. Research has shown time and again that organizational performance largely depends on a healthy culture. But what are the important underlying components of a highly engaged culture and what role does purpose play? Greenbaum will share key client insights, combined with insight from AESC members, that help us better understand the connection between Purpose. People. And Progress.
Karen Greenbaum
President & CEO
On a Mission: Business for a Greater Good
Social responsibility is a game changer for many candidates when exploring new horizons. AESC research has shown this is a number one issue for the Client Community. How does our profession think about social responsibility? Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t your average chocolate company, but a chocolate company with a huge mission; to end modern slavery and exploitation in the cocoa industry. With amazing chocolate recipes they set the example and show that chocolate can be made in a more responsible way; in taste, packaging and the way they build long term relationships with cocoa farmers and the way they handle an open and transparent value chain. Ynzo van Zanten, Tony’s ‘Choco Evangelist’ will tell the story of Tony’s roadmap towards 100% slave free chocolate.
Ynzo van Zanten
Tony’s Chocolonely


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