3 Days | 20+ Sessions | Multiple Time Zones

AESC Virtual Global Conference 2020

November 17, 2020 to November 19, 2020
Unprecedented times demand bold leadership.
November 17, 2020 to November 19, 2020
08:30 to 20:00

The global pandemic has cast an even greater spotlight on organizational culture. As more organizations embrace a mission-critical approach to leadership, a new quotient of success emerges—one focused on Purpose. People. Progress.

Join us as we take our AESC Global Conference virtual, with interactive sessions, breakouts and networking. We've built an essential program for C-level business leaders and executive search and leadership consulting professionals to come together during extraordinary times to influence the future of global talent. No matter where you are in the world, if you are invested in the cutting edge of executive talent, this event is for you.

We'll address the big issues head on:

  • Inclusion and Diversity Participate in critical conversations on how we and our businesses can use our collective voices to help create a more inclusive and diverse world. Learn from leading experts in this subject from around the world.
  • Voice of the Client Hear directly from Leaders—through three separate panels of Boards, CEOs and Chief Diversity Officers—on how they are successfully navigating through unchartered waters.
  • The Future of Asia Hear from McKinsey on how Asian firms may be positioned to define the new normal.
  • And much more!

Who Should Attend

  • AESC Members
  • Executive Search & Leadership Consulting Professionals
  • Senior Executives – Board Directors, CEOs, CHROs, etc.

What Your Ticket Includes

  • 3-day access to the premier event for executive search and leadership consultants, and anyone invested in the forefront of executive talent
  • Networking with business leaders and experts in executive talent from markets across the world
  • On-demand access to all session recordings to experience the full event across all time zones
  • Access to the latest software, technologies and services in the executive talent landscape at our AESC Sponsor Expo


Challenging Conversations Around Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever in today’s global economy, affecting brand value and performance. But to be a true champion of diversity and inclusion, leaders must be bold enough to have often uncomfortable conversations and nurture a culture receptive to them. Through inspirational anecdotes and examples, John Amaechi OBE will share insights on the essential leadership skill of directing difficult conversations and how we can all better support diversity, equity and inclusion in our organizations.

John Amaechi OBE
Founder & CEO
The Adaptation Advantage

Complementing the book The Adaptation Advantage, Futurist Heather E. McGowan’s talk will focus on three key points. First, success in the future of work centers on our ability to learn, unlearn, and adapt. Second, to succeed, we need to let go of “the way we’ve always done it” and—more importantly—our professional identities. Third, leaders must get comfortable with failure, unknowns, ambiguity, and vulnerability to create the requisite psychological safety to lead our teams. Economic and social shifts are unavoidable and human adaptation is the only path forward. Heather’s book will be available in the virtual book booth.

Heather E. McGowan
Future-of-Work Strategist
Work to Learn
The Future of Asia

Over the past two decades, the growth of large Asian corporations has radically altered the world’s corporate landscape. The dynamism, speed, and agility of Asian companies have given the region resilience, enabling it to achieve macroeconomic stability in a volatile world. Now these companies are entering a new phase in which their challenge will be not simply growth but also productivity. Looking ahead to a post-pandemic world, resilient Asian firms may be able to define the “next normal.” But as a group, Asian companies lag behind their counterparts in the rest of the world despite the region’s enormous market opportunities. Why should that be? Chair of McKinsey Asia, Oliver Tonby, will take us on a deep dive as we attempt to answer this question, identifying new opportunities along the way.

Oliver Tonby
Chair, Asia
McKinsey & Company
Outlook on the Global Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the prospects of the global economy for the short-, the medium- and potentially for the long-term. In the short-term, as governments throughout the world introduce stringent measures limiting physical mobility and social activity to slow the spread of the virus and avert a health crisis, economic activity has seriously contracted. This is leading to an unprecedented decline in global GDP. Longer-term, beyond 2021, the outlook for the global economy is highly uncertain. Economist Bart van Ark will share a global economic outlook in the wake of COVID-19 and what it means for global business, our own companies and our customers.

Bart van Ark
Global Economist & Senior Advisor
The Conference Board
Inclusion at the Heart of Business Strategy

Join the authors of INdivisible for a fireside chat as they lead us on an exploration of: How inclusion drives performance, preparedness and purpose; Why current approaches have limited impact; What a whole-system inclusion strategy looks like; The problem with limiting people to a single identity; The interdependence of inclusion and sustainability; and Steps companies should take to become inclusion leaders.

INdivisible has been described by Herminia Ibarra of London Business School as "a must read for any executive who cares about building better organizations for a better society." The book will be featured in the conference virtual book booth.

Rebekah Steele
Alison Maitland
Moderator: Clare Mahon
Managing Director for Europe and Africa
Closing the STEMM Gap

Diversity helps drive innovation. We know from research that diverse teams are more effective at problem solving, when different voices, viewpoints, expertise and life experiences are brought to bear. Yet, globally, women are underrepresented in STEMM fields. Gender equity and equality in STEMM however is not a “women’s issue”—it affects all of us, so it is everyone’s issue. We'll hear from a panel of women working in STEMM leadership roles and their ideas on how we can work together aggressively to address challenges and ensure that we have the best talent engaged, and enough talent to fill key roles.

Michelle Gallaher
CEO, Opyl and Co-Founder
Women in STEMM Australia
Geetha Kannan
Founder and CEO
Wequity for Women and Technology
Savannah Maziya
Executive Chairperson
Bunengi Investment Group
Paola Scarpa
Director of Client Solutions, Data & Insights
Google, Italy
Moderator: Sonal Agrawal
Managing Partner, Accord India/ AltoPartners & Board Member
Gender Diversity: As the Foundation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Asia

Gender diversity in the board and senior executive ranks makes good business sense, but Asia has some way to go to maximise the opportunities and advantages that flow from diversity. Yoko Ishikura will draw on research, alongside her own experience of serving on a variety of boards, to demonstrate links between diversity, innovation, corporate performance, and competitive advantage. She will look at the importance of supporting systems and processes to encourage the generation of different ideas and constructive discussion, as well as the responsibility of leaders to implement lasting change.

Yoko Ishikura
Professor Emeritus
Hitotsubashi University
ESG & Responsible Investment: Key for Resilient and Sustainable Long-Term Growth

The adoption of ESG (environment, social and governance) and responsible investment practices has accelerated significantly in the past decade. As of today, more than 500 funds are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) with a total of more than $110 trillion in AUM. The urgency to manage proactively a broad range of ESG issues, such as climate change, human capital or board diversity, calls on corporates to continuously improve their practices. Board level engagement on critical ESG issues and disclosures is increasingly required by financial regulators. Consumers, particularly the younger generations, are placing demands on corporates to operate their businesses with a higher bar for sustainability and ethics. This panel of leading institutional investors and sustainability executives will look at the role of ESG and responsible investment in driving resilient and sustainable long-term growth.

Farah Foustok
Chief Executive Officer
Lazard Gulf Ltd.
Robin Hu
Senior Managing Director; Head, Sustainability & Stewardship Group
Angela Emslie
Non-Executive Director, PRI, State Trustees, Frontier and Reinsurance Group of America (Australia/NZ)
Independent Member, Impact Committee, HESTA
Moderator: Louisa Wong
Executive Chairman
Global Sage
The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

Join a fireside chat with Dr. Tony Byers, Cornell University ILR School Extension Faculty and global expert on Diversity and Inclusion and AESC CEO Karen Greenbaum. Tony and Karen will discuss Dr. Byers’ “The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion,” a proven process for driving organizational growth and competitive advantage through inclusion and diversity. During Tony’s 20+ years as a corporate diversity executive, including revitalizing D&I programming at Starbucks, his approaches to I&D have resulted in increased organizational approaches to problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. The discussion will include the importance and impact of cultivating and retaining a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive culture. Tony’s book will be featured in the conference virtual book booth.

Dr. Tony Byers
Diversity & Inclusion Senior Extension Faculty, Cornell University ILR School; Author
The Multiplier Effect
Moderator: Karen Greenbaum
President & CEO
Learning from Those Who Lead the Way

Learn from leading Chief Diversity Officers who have been recognized for their work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Chief Diversity Officer role is rapidly becoming one of the toughest jobs in the C-suite. The panel will bring a frank discussion about challenges and opportunities, and the push for best-in-class DEI strategies that have demonstrated internal impact and align with business priorities. Facilitated by Pauly Rodney of Raines International.

Molly Ford
VP Global Equality Programs
Erika McConduit
VP, Diversity & Inclusion
Salvador Mendoza
Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Moderator: Pauly Rodney
Senior Vice President and Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Raines International
Facebook: Putting Inclusion at the Center of All We Do - While Serving the World's Largest and Most Diverse Online Community

Maxine Williams is the Global Chief Diversity Officer at Facebook. In this role, she and a team of Diversity and Inclusion specialists develop strategies to attract, retain and support the growth of underrepresented people at the company. Maxine’s team works towards increasing the cognitive diversity—different ways of thinking based on people having different backgrounds, experiences and information—of all teams across Facebook. Prior to Facebook, she served as the Director of Diversity for a global law firm. She has worked with multiple international organizations on development and human rights issues and has had a parallel career as a broadcast journalist and on-air presenter. Maxine is a director on the board of the Massy Group of Companies.

Maxine Williams
Chief Diversity Officer
Moderator: Tina Shah Paikeday
Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Services
Russell Reynolds Associates
Leading Through the Unknown

In these unprecedented times leaders are adapting to, navigating and embracing change 24/7. Join us for a unique opportunity to hear from a prestigious panel of leaders who will discuss the role of the C-suite and boards during COVID-19. We’ll assess lessons learned, observations and changes that have been both forced and strategically implemented. As we look forward to the near future, we’ll discuss what is on the horizon for organizations and their leaders; what will be the new normal and its impact on leadership; and what will the profiles of successful leaders look like in the wake of COVID?

Jason Goodall
Chief Executive Officer
NTT Limited
Dr. Nazneen Rahman CBE
Non-Executive Director
John Allan CBE
Moderator: Emanuela Aureli
Vice Chair, AESC Board of Directors and Consultant
Spencer Stuart
Fireside Chat with Brett Hart, President of United Airlines - Connecting People. Uniting the World.

Join a fireside chat with Brett J. Hart, President of United Airlines and Julian Ha, AESC Chair of the AESC Americas Council. Brett Hart is recognized inside and outside of the airline industry for his leadership. He has played a central role in shaping United Airlines' strategy and culture and leads community engagement around the world. As President, he leads the company’s external-facing functions including the government affairs, corporate communications, advertising, legal, global community engagement, environmental sustainability teams, and importantly people strategy. Join us as Brett shares how United Airlines is navigating through turbulent times. Facilitated by Julian Ha, AESC Board member and Partner, Heidrick & Struggles.

Brett J. Hart
United Airlines
Moderator: Julian Ha
Partner, Heidrick & Struggles & Board Member
Creating a Culture of Belonging Inside & Outside of Nike

Hear from Jarvis Sam, the Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion at Nike how the firm is developing an ecosystem of belonging, driving diverse representation and championing social justice education and inclusive leadership. Moderated by Tina Shah Paikeday of Russell Reynolds Associates.

Jarvis Sam
Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Moderator: Tina Shah Paikeday
Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Services
Russell Reynolds Associates
The Next Normal

Months into the global pandemic, what now? Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues to create a world of uncertainty, the goal must be to rebuild for the longer term. Companies that are strong and resilient will be better placed to survive and prosper. Not only do leaders need to act now, they need to act boldly. Can you lead towards a 2022 Covid Exit? Sven Smit, Chair and Director of McKinsey Global Institute will guide us through specific considerations and actions companies must take to emerge stronger for the next normal.

Sven Smit
Co-Chair and Director
McKinsey Global Institute
Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism in the Era of Radical Uncertainty

The future economy, the future of jobs, education, finance, energy—indeed, the future of everything—have been titles of conferences and committees at national and international levels for over half a decade. What COVID-19 has done is accelerate the disruption already heralded by the fourth industrial revolution and demographic trends, and underscore the urgency required to address systemic vulnerabilities. Changing mindsets, challenging ‘sacred cows’ and established habits, and embracing fundamentally different roles are the hallmarks of the post-pandemic world. As economies and businesses emerge post-pandemic, stakeholder capitalism will have to display its relevance and potency. But how exactly should firms implement stakeholder capitalism? What does it look like in its day-to-day operating environment, amidst cost- and competitive pressures? What does it mean for employee engagement?

Lutfey Siddiqi
Adjunct Professor
National University of Singapore, Risk Management Institute
Why men need to step up and engage in Diversity & Inclusion

Despite the various initiatives and pressure in society to achieve a fairer balance of power, responsibility, and reward, women still hold less than 20% of senior leadership positions. Is it because companies have been successful and don’t see what is wrong or needs fixing? Join us as Robert Baker, a leading Diversity and Inclusion consultant shares his experience of how men are eager to change, but wary of pushing too hard, unsure of what they can or should do to bring change. Yet, men can and must engage and play a part in driving this change—the benefits are numerous for themselves, their families, their companies and society. It’s time to start now.

Robert Baker
Non-Executive Director, Spktral & CEO
Potentia Talent Consulting
Our Profession’s Impact

The right leadership shapes the future, transforms businesses and changes lives. Weaving in data insights, Karen Greenbaum, AESC President and CEO, will challenge us to think BIG and BOLD as we step into the next decade. The quest for diverse talent, inclusive cultures and innovation place our profession at the intersection of a massive transformation in global leadership.

Karen Greenbaum
President and CEO


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