ExecuQuest Corp

EQC Talent Sourcing Experts www.EQCTalentSourcingExperts.com, have one driving mission: facilitating search consultants to be the best they can be. Since 1984, we have supported executive search consultants globally as preferred providers of:

  • high-end talent sourcing,
  • competitive organization chart development,
  • research/market analysis
  • passive candidate development
  • expert online and NLP phone sourcing training via Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest customized coaching program and
  • assisting in hiring and training expert Search/Research staff

Our passion for excellence drives our unparalleled commitment to quality, value and exceptional client service.

EQC Talent Sourcing Experts expeditiously provide truly qualified candidates for each and every search. All our data is on-target and 100% verified, including scope of responsibility/# people managed, email addresses and direct dial/mobile numbers. We rely on a combination of phone and internet research to increase our, and more importantly our clients’, on-target results. In an era of picked-over databases and online tools, we believe in the effectiveness of original human intelligence in developing accurate, actionable research for successful executive search.

We excel in:

  • Creative, out-of-the-box solutions for hard-to-fill positions
  • Delivering competitive talent maps with photos and embedded bios for presentation to senior management
  • Identifying entire teams, peers or direct reports, or just the organization holes that exist for the clients’ most desirable companies
  • Diversity identification, depending upon the identified group the client seeks to hire
  • Recruiting at all senior levels and all functions, worldwide
  • Working within tight budgets and deadlines to meet our global clients’ quest for top talent

In addition to our research expertise, we are adept at identifying, qualifying, compelling, hiring and training Research Associates for executive search firms, both small, specialized firms as well as large global practices. Let us help you hire outstanding Research staff to enable you to better serve current clients and develop additional business. And let us train you in the most advanced online talent sourcing tools and NLP phone research as we help to improve your reputation as the Deliverers of Results.

EQC Talent Sourcing Experts founder and President, Conni LaDouceur is one of the world’s most accomplished talent sourcers, challenging our fundamental assumptions about information gathering for talent search. She consults to many of the world’s most admired search firms as chief sourcing strategist, pursuing her passion for matching people and opportunities by blending art and science in sourcing. She is a popular speaker at many conferences across the globe, including the AESC in Singapore, Chicago and New York, Staffing World, NAPS, SourceCon, RecruitDC, SOSU Sourcing Summits in Amsterdam and at many SHRM conferences. Previously with Heidrick & Struggles, Conni shares proven techniques and best practices, to increase effectiveness at identifying and placing the most qualified talent, and improving time-to-fill. Her strict, methodical process ensures efficient sourcing success in all functions, all industries, all levels, worldwide. Conni has empowered recruiting and sourcing teams for over three decades at search and staffing firms, PepsiCo, Microsoft, KPMG, Starbucks, MetLife, GlaxoSmithKline, Aon Hewitt, Lockheed Martin, TJX, Hershey’s, Wells Fargo and leading RPOs. She is an Advisory Council Member of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP).

See Conni live by registering for Talent Sourcing Secrets for Speed and Success, at: HRinHospitality, Vegas, 3/7, RecruitBaltimore, 3/20, NPAworldwide, Tampa, 4/20 and the AESC, NY, 6/19.