Spencer Stuart: Disruptors Are Transforming Traditional Supply Chain


Supply chain, once relegated to the unremarkable, methodical role of delivering goods to market at the lowest cost, is in the midst of a significant transformation, according to Spencer Stuart. With the pace of change accelerating in nearly every sector and market disruptors emerging regularly, supply chain leaders are embracing their expanded strategic role in global organizations and the growing expectations on the function.

Organizations positioning themselves to compete across this emerging global platform have responded by turning to supply chain management for creative solutions for improving operational effectiveness and increasing growth. A recent Deloitte report surveyed more than 400 global manufacturing and retail executives and found that organizations with superior supply chain capabilities demonstrate significantly above-average performance on both revenue growth and EBIT measures when compared to the industry average.

Because supply chain today can touch nearly every aspect of a business — inventory, manufacturing, product design, cash flow, outsourcing, workflow quality and customer satisfaction — successful chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) and COOs are visionary leaders who draw on functional, analytical and interpersonal skills to build diverse, collaborative teams. Read what several senior supply chain leaders had to say about how the role of the supply chain and the CSCO has changed over the past decade.

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