Odgers Berndtson: The Greying Talent Pool

Managing an age-diverse workforce. In a world of continuing labor and skills shortages, ignoring the older talent in your organization could be a waste of critical leadership potential and a loss to economic recovery.

Odgers Berndtson explains that the recent emphasis on creating truly diverse workforces and leadership teams has seen action on underrepresented groups like women, ethnic minorities, and the LGBT+ community. But when it comes to offering opportunity for all, in a fair manner, one group is frequently overlooked: the over-50s. And companies disregard this group at their peril.

Older employees could just be the answer to some of your leadership needs and a major company asset.

"We need to shift the mindset and change the conversation around aging. We need to appreciate the value and benefits of the older workforce, and recognise their experience is a competitive advantage for employers. "

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