Buffkin/Baker: Key Themes in the Digital Talent Marketplace

Raj Das, Partner, Global Head of Digital Practice at Buffkin/Baker, discusses "how to build your organization for the challenges and opportunities of our brave new world," in an article written for Thrive Global.

Here are his key points:

  • Convergence: The world of senior digital talents is rapidly converging across vertical industry segments and geographies. Skill sets required to be an effective senior leader in the world of marketing, digital, and technology now have great commonalities.
  • Millennial Empowerment: Brands and agencies that dismiss the needs and desires of the millennial population are doing so at their own peril.
  • Human Centricity: We believe that the world is now evolving to a new paradigm of context and algorithm-based engagement between brands and customers.
  • Trusted Partner Relationship: Clients respect us because we have been in their shoes as custodians of large global organizations.

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