Spencer Stuart: C‑Suite Succession Planning for First‑Time CHROs: How to Get Started

Spencer Stuart knows the CHRO role is challenging. Those new to the job must understand the personalities of senior executives and board members and learn the relationships among the various individuals, all while making sure the human resources function operates smoothly.

Perhaps no aspect of the job is as critical or has as lasting an impact - or is as challenging for a newly minted CHRO - as succession planning for the CEO and other senior executives. Given the high stakes and inherent political and emotional dynamics at play, supporting an effective succession planning process is always challenging. For new CHROs, who may lack deep relationships with the board and CEO, it can be even more difficult.

Drawing on their extensive experience and insights from conversations with CHROs, this article provides advice to new CHROs on how to start the conversation around C-suite succession and navigate the team dynamics at the top.

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