Borrer Executive Search: Covid-19 brings Supply Chain Function in the Spotlight

Marina is a Supply Chain Professional with more than 15 years of experience in various functional areas of business: manufacturing, procurement, planning, project management. In her most recent role as Global Head of Contract Manufacturing at Beiersdorf AG, she designed and implemented a new strategy for managing contract manufacturers. The key elements of the strategy were creating dedicated steering teams and building sustainable and long-term supplier collaboration models.

Borrer Executive Search asked Marina about the impact of Covid-19 on the supply chain function. Below are some of the questions asked:

  • As a supply chain professional, what do you see as the knock-on effects of the current economic crisis?
  • How do you see the changing role of supply chain managers post-pandemic?
  • Even before the coronavirus outbreak, global supply chains were being impacted by technologies such as AI, advanced data analytics, cloud-based supplier management and automation.  How do you see these technologies mitigating in this crisis and beyond?
  • Outstanding supply chain professionals are going to be in demand regardless of whether in crisis or normal trading. If you could name three core competencies in a SC professional, what would they be?

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