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An exclusive partner of Dasein in Brazil, Lee Ellis recently launched his book "Leadership Behavior DNA" - which introduce an innovative methodology to investigate individual differences and human behavior. In this interview, he talks about the work carried out in co-authorship with Hugh Massie and how it can contribute in leadership development.

The innovative methodology “Leadership Behavior DNA” is the central theme of his new book, in partnership with Hugh Massie. For Brazilians who do not yet know the advantages of the methodology, could you emphasize its importance for the evolution of professionals and companies?

Some of the topics discussed in this article:

How was the collaborative work with Massie and what is the main benefit of the union of such valuable experiences?

In 1967 you were a prisoner of war in Vietnam and managed to transform this drastic situation into honorable learning. How did this experience contribute to the development of “Leadership Behavior DNA”?

Getting professionals out of the comfort zone and encouraging them to collaborate with the whole team is one of the main challenges for leaders. How can the book contribute to this task?

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