Ccentric Group: Improving the Stigma Around Mental Health

Ccentric Group provides asks an important question: Why is there a stigma around mental health? Over one million people in Australia suffer from depression and more than two million are experiencing anxiety. On average, eight people take their lives every day in Australia.

As a result, mental health has become one of the most advocated areas of healthcare in Australia, and rightly so with so many of us being affected. One area that is often overlooked is how mental health is impacting the workplace as well as how colleagues can support each other in difficult times.

“People are still scared to talk about their experiences, there is shame associated with it, how others might judge them. There’s still some stigma around things like it not being a real illness or a real condition. How we change and address that is to continue having open and honest conversations about what is a mental illness, how to access services and what it looks like to recover from mental illness, what those symptoms are.”
Nino Di Pasquale – Director of Nursing at Barwon Health


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