Spencer Stuart: Solving the Disappearing Women Problem

Gender diversity continues to be a hot topic: The hiring and firing of female CEOs, milestones in the number of women in corporate boardrooms and C-suites, and new initiatives aimed at promoting more women into leadership are regularly covered in the news.

In this article, Spencer Stuart examines lessons from companies that prioritize diversity. The following are ways they've identified for comapnies to increase the number of women in the candidate pool.

  • Use gender-neutral language in scope, job description and presentation materials.
  • Include women in client and search teams.
  • Embrace a wider and deeper universe of target companies and prospects.
  • Drive agreement on a common vernacular about what the best talent looks like — which means the capabilities needed for success (versus non-relevant but familiar markers).
  • Work to have multiple female options on candidate slates.
  • Be prepared for a longer search and to address needs such as the relocation of spouses or childcare.

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