Slayton Search Partners: How Are Business Leaders Improving Diversity in Industrial Manufacturing?

Over a recent six-quarter period, the National Association of Manufacturers discovered that the top concern of organizations was the inability to attract and retain a quality workforce. This may not come as a surprise since a large portion of the manufacturing workforce is in their 50s or older. Combined with the effects of the coronavirus, the shortage of skilled talent in the industry is clear.

A lack of diversity amplifies this pain point. After all, manufacturing is traditionally a white and male-dominated field, and that perception discourages many diverse and female professionals from pursuing a career in the industry. Women may comprise 47.5% of the American workforce, but they represent less than a third of the manufacturing workforce. That imbalance is felt at the leadership level as well. Across industries, for every 100 men promoted/hired to managerial positions, only 72 women receive the same opportunity.

Slayton Search Partners address the following:

  • The business case for D&I improvement
  • How manufacturers are improving diversity
  • Tangible examples of manufacturing diversity initiatives

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