Signium: The Positive Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Business

This report was commissioned by Signium, in partnership with Performance and Engagement, as part of their joint commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in business. The research was conducted independently by Censuswide.

Much research shows that companies with an effective Diversity and Inclusion strategy are more successful in delivering better financial returns above their national industry median. Today’s society is now immersed in D&I – open any newspaper, browse any social media platform, ask any business community and we see it at the forefront.

Research also shows that inclusive cultures, where every person is listened to, feels respected and is valued, can unleash hidden qualities and will encourage individuals to achieve their full potential. Organizations strive for trust, above all things, and this can only come from creating a sense of belonging and culture where people are accepted as themselves at work.

Some key findings from this report:

  • Diversity and Inclusion improve business- 91% say that D&I contributes positively to business performance.
  • Importance of D&I visibility is higher for HR than Board Directors- 94% of HR leaders say it is important their organization is seen as Diverse and Inclusive, versus 89% of business leaders.
  • Professional Services is the industry with greatest D&I commitment- The Professional Services Industry was in 100% agreement on the value of an inclusive culture.
  • Senior leaders need to be held more accountable for D&I- 7% drop in leadership responsibility for building D&I teams at 86%, versus their commitment to the idea at 93%.
  • Canada reports the strongest D&I commitment of all countries- Leaders from Canada were in 100% agreement that D&I contributes positively to business and is a key part of company strategy.


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