Russell Reynolds Associates: Unleashing The Power Of Diversity Through Inclusive Leadership

Recent research has put the spotlight on inclusion as a necessary ingredient to successful diversity. Inclusion focuses on actively embracing diverse perspectives and changing the culture to reflect them, rather than simply hiring diverse employees and expecting them to fit into the existing culture. Importantly, any leader or employee can contribute to inclusion, regardless of background or demographic. Yet the measure of a culture’s inclusivity ultimately lies with employees, and in particular, with those who have traditionally been marginalized.

In this report, Russell Reynolds Associates took a closer look at the concept of belonging and why it matters, along with an in-depth analysis of MCCA/RRA Inclusion Index data and how it varies by gender, race and ethnicity, sexual preference, and work environment. Finally, they considered how senior leaders in the legal profession can adopt and coach more inclusive behaviors to improve both diversity itself and business outcomes across the board.

The MCCA/RRA Inclusion Index measures a number of factors that help surface respondents’ feelings about their workplaces and pinpoint potential solutions. This Index is based on responses to approximately 50 questions that ask respondents to rate how much they agree or disagree with statements such as: The organization’s policies allow me to balance personal and professional commitments, Promotion decisions are free of bias, and Specific goals are set for leadership related to diversity and inclusion.

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Jean Lee, Sophia Piliouras, Cynthia Dow, Jacob Martin and Tina Shah Paikeday
Thought leadership category