Russell Reynolds Associates: Survey Results of Executive Perceptions on Diversity & Inclusion

Many companies are now aware of the advantages of diversity and inclusion within their organization and are taking steps toward attracting a diverse workforce. However, the effort to diversify a company’s talent does not stop at the hire. It’s important for organizations to also create an inclusive culture in order to retain diverse talent, as well. With this in mind, Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed over 2,000 senior executives around the world to gain insight on their perspectives of diversity and inclusion within their current organization and offer advice on how to create an inclusive culture.

Notable findings include:

  • 45% of those surveyed believe their organizations align their efforts to create an inclusive culture with their business strategy.
  • Only 38% of respondents believe their organization holds itself accountable for meeting inclusion goals.
  • Less than a quarter of survey participants are aware of a definition of inclusion.

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