Russell Reynolds Associates: How Companies And Leaders Can Join The Fight For Racial Justice

In this paper, Russell Reynolds Associates looked at how various companies responded and what other companies can learn from them. They then offered a multifaceted set of best practices for corporations wanting to take meaningful and holistic action to support the Black community and increase their commitment to social justice.

Russell Reynolds Associates analyzed the public responses of 105 companies included on the S&P 500 index between May 25 and June 12, 2020. The 105 companies were randomly selected, with industry representation weighted according to that of the index. Sources analyzed included company websites, corporate social media feeds and media mentions as noted by Google News.

Within the three weeks following George Floyd’s murder, approximately 75 percent of large US public companies made some effort to respond to calls for racial justice from thousands of Americans of all backgrounds, including many of their own employees.

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Bradlee Benn, Jemi Crookes, Cecyl Hobbs, Art Hopkins, Evan Sharp, Alix Stuart
Thought leadership category