Russell Reynolds Associates: DEI is Not Disappearing - It's Evolving: 3 Areas to Prioritize in 2024

Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is in the midst of a perfect storm. The Supreme Court decision to overturn race-based affirmative action policies in college admissions gave way to a series of legislative challenges targeted at workplace DEI.  Now, executives and board members are grappling with the aftermath and continued close inspection on DEI, with many asking ‘what now?’.

To address some of these crucial questions, Russell Reynolds Associates brought the best of the academic and business world together at our annual DEI summit, hosted in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business. In this paper, we summarize the themes that arose from discussions with over 40 executives and board members who are looking towards the future and its DEI evolution.

  • DEI needs to be built-in, not ‘bolted on’
  • DEI needs to be in service of your business outcomes
  • DEI needs to be treated as a governance issue

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Tina Shah Paikeday
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