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Coulter Partners recently explored D, E & I perspectives from the medtech industry with Guillaume Julien, VP HR Global Sales at Getinge, a leading global provider of medical products and systems, employing more than 10,000 people, with operations in 38 countries. Julien's opinion is one that we should value because concepts like diversity are not new for his Swedish company. 

He explains, 

"To have contrasting perspectives, we need to have people coming from different cultures with various educations, backgrounds and passions in life, but who are all willing to contribute to a common purpose which at Getinge is ‘saving lives."

Julien gives great insights as to what you can implement in your company to overcome obstacles in increasing inclusion and diversity practices. 

“Culturally, we have been educated to assume that top leaders must know the best and the most, but inclusion is the opposite, it is making sure that we learn from others.”

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