Borderless: Fostering a Vibrant and Nurturing Workplace with the Gender Pay Report

International Women's Day is one example of the positivity and praise around female empowerment, however, this has been overshadowed by a very sensitive topic of conversation: the gender pay gap. This article posted by Borderless, written by Sarah Kaiser, Diversity and Inclusion lead for Fujitsu EMEIA, discusses this issue.

The gender pay gap gives a snapshot of the gender balance within an organisation. It measures the difference between the average earnings of all male and female employees, irrespective of their role or seniority.

So what is the solution to addressing the gender pay gap?

  • Addressing this issue is not as simple as paying women more money. It's about fostering an environment in which women feel valued.
  • When reporting a gender pay gap, the whole businesses needs to be accountable, not just HR.
  • Rewards such as pay and bonuses should be based on performance and performance alone.
  • Creating a collaborative environment which is open to different ideas, perspectives and styles of thinking is crucial.
  • If you foster an environment where a person’s disability, gender, background or sexual orientation doesn’t matter then employees can focus on delivering great work instead.

Inclusivity leads to greater productivity, and diversity leads to better leadership.

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