Borderless Executive Search: Even the Staunchest Defenders of Equality Will Discriminate Against Older Workers

With the Age Discrimination in Employment Act coming into force back in 1967, the notion of age discrimination has a long history. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that we still grapple with today, and whereas it’s easy to assume it’s only a problem for those in and around retirement age, a survey from Senior Living suggests it can kick in as early as our 40s. The study finds that around one in five workers over 40 have experienced age-related discrimination in some way at work, with this rising to 24% of those over 60 years of age. 

The study outlines the following:

  • Ageism at Work
  • An Easy Target
  • An Acceptable Bias
  • An Organizational Response

To help organizations become ‘age ready’, the report concludes with 10 steps they can take to better capitalize on their experienced workforce. 

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Adi Gaskell
Thought leadership category