Senn Delaney “a Heidrick & Struggles Company”: Reflection from Iglo Foods Group COO

Senn Delaney discussed with Tania Howarth, COO of Iglo Foods Group, the process of creating a PACE (performance, ambition, collaboration and energy) culture in order to accelerate growth and results.

The following is an excerpt from the article: “We definitely see culture as a competitive advantage. As you might expect, being a private equity-owned business, what matters is the results that we generate. So, focusing on culture was always about results, and it was always about gaining an advantage over the competition. We genuinely believe at all times that culture was actually a very key enabler to getting those better results.

Anybody could have copied our business strategy. It was a good strategy, but there’s nothing unique about it. We fundamen­tally believe that an average strategy bril­liantly executed is always going to be much more effective than a brilliant strategy poorly executed. That is exactly what we set out to do, and to use the cultural change as a platform to do that for us.”

The full article is published on Senn Delaney’s website. Read the full report.


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