Russell Reynolds Associates: What Makes Today's Best CHROs

Russell Reynolds Associates presents a look at today’s Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO), a role that has become increasingly more important and involved in the strategic decisions of an organization. As company culture is becoming more integral to attracting and retaining top talent, especially of the millennial generation, the CHRO role is shifting in both responsibility and influence among the c-suite. This has altered both what an organization looks for when hiring a new CHRO and the kind of previous experience candidates who are coming into the role possess. With the CHRO position in an important time of transition, Russell Reynolds looks at the profile of today’s CHROs, where the role is going, and what CEOs should look for when selecting a CHRO.

Key information includes:

  • More than one in four CHROs of the Fortune 100 companies has held a general management role in a business unit.
  • CHROs have been found to be more naturally caring, sensitive, and supportive than fellow leadership team members.
  • 61% of female CHROs, as opposed to 26% of male CHROs, hold an MBA.

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