Russell Reynolds Associates: Video Series- Interview with BNP Paribas’ COO

Russell Reynolds Associates sat down with Francois Villeroy de Galhau, COO of BNP Paribas to discuss how the bank embraced the digital transformation.

Does the establishment of Hello Bank represent a more fundamental shift in digital transformation of the overall BNP Paribas, beyond creating a standalone business unit?

Francois Villeroy de Galhou: It’s an interesting story from a cultural and managerial point of view. Everybody in BNP Paribas is very proud to be a member of the European work, able to launch such a powerful innovation in four different European countries. So this is a reward we didn’t expect, to be honest. We expected a strong image, a strong direct image of Hello Bank, but we got also an indirect benefit for the BNP Paribas brand. But it’s just the beginning, so we have also to succeed with Hello Bank in reality.

The full video is published on Russell Reynolds Associates website. Watch the full video.


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