Russell Reynolds Associates: Study of Higher Education CIOs

With the role of the Chief Information Officer within the higher education system in a time of transformation, Russell Reynolds Associates has published a report analyzing the prior experience and average career paths of CIOs. This has resulted in an identification of trends and the profiles of the CIOs studied, who hail from the U.S. News and World Report’s Top 100 National Universities. The report looks at a number of qualities from career and educational backgrounds to gender and racial diversity. Russell Reynolds also spoke with hiring managers of the CIOs studied to gain a larger perspective into the Universities’ hiring strategies.

Key findings include:

  • Of the top 100 CIOs, 79% are male and 93% are white.
  • 68% of the CIOs studied were external candidates.
  • Only 41% of the top 100 CIOs held a CIO role immediately prior to their current position.

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