Russell Reynolds Associates: Human Resource Leaders in China

From the appearance of the role of chief human resource officer (CHRO), it is evidence that the resource management function has been elevated in the last 20 years in many organizations, from serving mainly administrative responsibilities to a more strategic level. The CHRO has to understand all levels of business to acquire talent for high-margin and low margin business sectors. In China the resource management role has only elevated in the last 10 years and the expectations of HR leaders in China are very high, given the region’s innovation and increasing market velocity.

A report from Russell Reynolds Associates finds that to be successful the chief resource officer needs to understand the business model and product relations to the company’s culture. The role of the CHRO has to help global headquarters understand what is happening on the local level and at the same time they need to empower local decision making.

The full article is published on Russell Reynolds Associates’ website. Read the full report.


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