RSR Partners: CMO, CGO, and President - Roles, Responsibilities, and Interactions

RSR Partners shared their Market Overview 2018 to cover the redesigned role of the chief marketing officer (CMO), the position of chief growth officer (CGO), and the challenge to growth strategies due to changing market dynamics. Here are some of the challenges:

  • Companies are wrestling with sustainable growth across all sectors.
  • Significant challenges to growth require cross-functional collaboration.
  • Industry leaders aspire for a growth level that has not materialized, and innovation has lagged.
  • The market is becoming increasingly more "activated" via digital touchpoints.
  • Higher scope of authority and accountability is demanded and necessary.
  • Greater understanding of the consumer, speed and agility to adapt to new trends, and innovation to maintain a leading edge are expected.

This white paper covers how the CGO role is designed to respond to these challenges, including the role definitions, key considerations and a human capital strategy. 

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