Cornerstone International Group: The Changing Face of Executive Search

Executive recruiting today has become more homogenous.  It always was a comprehensive package with two essential components – matching and meeting the specific needs of both the company and the candidate – but the talent turbulence is subtly playing with priorities.

Cornerstone International Group explains the critical value-add sought from the search firm is a “partnership” leading to confirmation of the precise need and then finding the best talent for both the job and the employer culture. Post-Covid, we can expect a rebalancing of that partnership from being reactive to moving closer to the origination of the process. 

“People generally prefer to work for a company that is genuine and sincere, with a real sense of purpose. Employees will be thankful for sacrifices made on their behalf to help sustain the business beyond the Covid recession. On the other hand, candidates might be more open to move if they see that their employer doesn’t value them quite as much as they had thought.”

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Chris Allen
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