Boyden: Top HR Executives' Influence on the Rise in C-Suites and Boards

89% of HR executives believe CHRO position will become path to top roles – including CEO

Nearly 73% of Chief Human Resources Officers and HR executives say the CHRO will increasingly take on strategic roles, while 75% believe CHROs will take on key strategic roles as counselors to the CEO, C-Suite and board, according to a new survey released by Boyden.

Part 2 of the report, Boyden Senior Executive Survey: The CHRO and the Future Organization, titled The CHRO Role in the C-Suite and Board, looks at the global changes and opportunities connected to tech, including people strategy, approaches to the board and management, global workforce alignment, hiring and training.

The survey included a global panel of 310 CHROs, senior HR executives and other HR decision makers across all industries in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Additional key findings related to the impact of the CHRO role include:

  • Globally, almost all (95%) of those surveyed find the CHRO to be influential, with 54% finding the CHRO very influential.
  • 90% of those surveyed in Latin America believe the CHRO is evolving in a more strategic direction in terms of C-Suite and board influence, while those in North America (71%), the UK (68%) and Germany (62%) believe the CHRO has growing impact, albeit to a lesser degree.
  • 89% of HR executives agree that the CHRO role will become a stepping stone to executive leadership positions such as CEO, with 42% in strong agreement.
  • HR executives in professional services (91%) and education (92%) are more likely to view the CHRO as a stepping stone to the CEO role than those in industrials and financial services (79%).

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