Boyden: Infusing Purpose into the Heart of Leadership

Only 63% of C-suite-level employees report finding meaning or purpose in their role, and the number continues to drop for senior-level (55%), mid-level (47%) and entry-level workers (41%).

In the ever-evolving corporate world, where the only constant is change, the quest for meaning and purpose in our work has become more pronounced. As leaders, we often find ourselves at the crossroads of making decisions that not only affect our business objectives but also impact the lives of our employees, our communities, and the environment. It is in these moments that the power of purpose becomes crystal clear.

In this article, Adrian von Dewall - Boyden Managing Partner, Germany - delves into the vital significance of purpose-driven leadership within today's corporate environment. Executives are confronted with the ongoing challenge of uncovering meaning and purpose in their roles, understanding that these elements not only define personal fulfillment but also profoundly shape the organizations they guide and the communities they impact.

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