Chadick Ellig Interviews Metropolitian Museum of Art’s Chief Digital Officer Sree Sreenivasan

Chadick Ellig interviewed Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to gain insight into the role of CDO.

Chadick Ellig: What is the most challenging facet of being a Chief Digital Officer?

Sreenivasan: First of all, most people don’t know what a CDO is, so I am explaining it all the time. Now, in addition to the Chief Digital Officer role, there is a Chief Data Officer role, which adds to some of the confusion. This is a very exciting time to be a CDO, because you’ve got an opportunity to work across the institution to connect with various staff at various levels, and interact with the very top leadership as well, and it’s all exciting and all good.

Chadick Ellig: How does the CDO work with the CMO?

Sreenivasan: My colleague who is our Chief Marketing Officer, Cynthia Round -- she and I collaborate and share ideas on multiple projects. We are always looking out for and helping each other, because the goal is not to worry about our individual departments but to see how we can help our institution in the best possible way. At The Met, Cynthia handles traditional marketing including advertising, tourism marketing and other projects like that. My team handles social media and email marketing, but we really work together and are in very close touch.

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