Amrop Releases Global Case Study

Amrop released their global C-suite study conducted along with IMD: Welcome to the Flight Deck: The Human Dimension of Globalizing Mid-Caps. The report provides insight on globalizing mid-caps, their leadership, talent and culture.

While many larger companies occupy large proportions of global assets and gain all the attention from business academics and professional services, this report finds mid-caps have a number of factors in their favor to achieve success globally. Some of those factors in their favor include: freedom to shape the organization, support from C-suite members, and connectivity between boards and the key market players.

Some other top finds include:

  1. Take an ambitious, long term view.
  2. 79% are studying the successes and failures of other companies.
  3. May well have a successful international business. Yet only 9% feel truly ready for globalization.
  4. Are critically concerned by managerial and cultural capacity for globalization.
  5. Balance local autonomy and corporate influence.
  6. Have powerful employer branding factors for leadership talent.
  7. Are ideally positioned to be innovation and entrepreneurship champions.
  8. Are busy tailoring their Boards for globalization and growth.

The full report is published on Amrop’s website. Read the full report.


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