Talengo: Sustainability, The Great Challenge for Companies in 2021

Although it has been pointing to the exhaustion of the current capitalism model and the need for a new framework for action (the UN SDGs and the Paris Agreement have just turned 5 years old; in August 2019, the powerful Business Round Table positioned itself regarding the need to change the purpose of companies), it has been the covid-19 pandemic that has catapulted sustainability to a global priority. Society, investors, consumer preferences, regulators and new technologies place the economic reactivation necessarily in the construction of a more sustainable environment.

Sustainability is a lever that can now open up markets and enable more agile companies to access new international projects. Opportunities exist in virtually every business activity to integrate ESG factors into the organization's strategy and operations.

The different phases of progress:

  1. "This is not for us." "Sustainability does not affect us ..."
  2. “We will take into account the legislation that the company must comply with"
  3. “In our company, beyond complying with the legislation, we have begun to measure key indicators and consequently to establish objectives”
  4. ESG criteria have been integrated from the mission of the company to the business strategy.

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Krista Walochik
Thought leadership category