Spencer Stuart: What is HR’s Role in Business Transformation?

In a world where there is growing pressure to innovate, outpace competitors and simply survive, it’s nearly impossible to find an organization that is not undergoing some degree of business transformation. Now more than ever, human resources (HR) leaders are playing a pivotal role in that journey, particularly as it relates to attracting and developing the right leadership and talent, fully engaging the organization around the strategy, and helping to build a culture that supports change.

At their recent panel discussion in Los Angeles, Spencer Stuart had the opportunity to talk with HR leaders who have played leadership roles in transforming their businesses.

Spencer Stuart presents some highlights from the conversation and lessons learned on the road to transformation, including:

  • Transforming a business strategy involves transforming a talent strategy
  • Finding talent that reflects the consumer and new channels
  • Hand in hand: Culture and talent
  • Looking inward to help drive external change


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